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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate your help as well as our relationship. Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions for ordering with Lantern Press. We hope that this proves to be helpful to you: saving you time and maximizing our sales together.

What does your company do?

Lantern Press creates original, full-color, retro-style illustrated artwork, available on our full line of products. Any image we have is available on any product that we carry.

What products do you have?

Our core line of paper-based products (those for which the paper is printed and parts are assembled in-house at Lantern Press) includes magnets, keychains, notecards, postcards, prints, matted prints, luggage tags, desktop calendars and stickers. Our images are also available on apparel (T-Line Design), mugs, shot glasses, mint tins (Amusemints brand), Christmas ornaments and coasters (Barlow Designs) and more!

Where is your product made?

All of our products are printed in the USA, using recycled paper whenever possible.

Who does the artwork?

We have a staff of 3 full-time graphic artists who work alongside us in our Seattle office.

What is your minimum opening order?

Our minimum opening order for existing artwork is $100.

What is your minimum re-order?

Our minimum re-order is $100.

Can you name-drop an existing image for my location?

Yes! Name-drops are free of charge. We just ask for $50 worth of paper product per name dropped image. We can also add your logo to any design. Please keep in mind that we typically don't name drop or alter our historical image collection, in order to maintain the integrity of the photographs and their history.

I want you to draw my town/cave/waterfall – how much does that cost?

For new artwork, we charge no art fees! When creating a piece of new artwork, the minimum first-time order is $1000 in paper-based product featuring the new image. After this the regular minimums apply.

What do you need from me to get started on artwork?

To create new artwork, we require a high-resolution image to use as source material. Our art team will then make a photo-layout/sketch illustration for the design which will then be sent to the customer for first approval. The art team will then fully illustrate and finalize the image, and it will be sent to the customer a second time for its final approval before being sent to print.

Can the $1000 include t-shirts, mugs or mints?

No. However, you are welcome to add those items on to your order after you have met the $1000 order minimum in paper-based product.

How long does it take to complete the artwork?

Lantern Press is known for its quick turn-around times. We can often get a preliminary sketch or layout to you within a couple of weeks of your request. Depending on the frequency and speed of replies and communication, the whole process usually takes between two and three weeks. Please keep in mind that it may be longer or shorter depending on the season.

Do you offer exclusives on new artwork?

Lantern Press generally does not offer exclusives. Rare exceptions may be made, for example if we are using your logo or a copyrighted name in the design.

I visited www.LanternPress.com and saw old black and white photos along with your illustrations. Are these part of Lantern Press too?

Aaron Morris, the founder of Lantern Press, has acquired an extensive collection of historic photos, travel posters, fruit labels and more – all of which are available on any product we carry.

I have some photography I'd like to put on your magnets, postcards and other products. Can I do that?

If you would simply like us to print your existing artwork or photography to be featured on our products, we require an order of $250 in paper-based products, per image. There may be discounts available if a customer is interested in doing a set of multiple images.

Do any products require set-up fees?

Mugs, shot glasses, and mint tins have a one-time $25 set-up fee because the shape of the artwork needs to be adjusted in order to fit the product correctly.

Do you offer displays to showcase your products?

Yes, we offer both floor and counter displays that have been custom designed to fit Lantern Press products. We even offset the cost of your display with additional free product!

What kinds of terms do you offer?

Our credit terms are normally Net-30. Only on rare occasions do we extend the terms to Net-60 or Net-90. We require a credit sheet to be put on file in order to accept orders from new customers.

Does Lantern Press do tradeshows?

We do! We typically attend shows in Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Sevierville and Las Vegas. View current schedule. Please stop by and see us!


Questions or Comments? Contact us to find your local sales representative!