Product Displays from Lantern Press

All our product displays feature High-Quality Birch with a clear-coated finish, durable and easy to clean.

We offset all display costs with FREE product!

Floor Display

Floor Display: $450

Counter Display

Counter Display: $150

Mini Display

Mini Display: $50

12 panels (mix and match)

Rotating tower features completely modular design. Top two sections contain two shelves of storage each. Only 4 bolts needed for fast, simple and complete assembly.

4 panels (mix and match)

2 panels (mix and match)

Mix and match our keychain and magnet sides. A great way to add a satellite location within your store such as a cash wrap.

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Panel Options:

Note: Panel selection is done with our sales team after we receive your order

Card Panel: Wood tabs can be moved to make 6 or 9 pockets.
Magnet Panel: Holds 5 magnets wide, and 6 high. Our magnets are strong enough to stack 5 deep.
Poster Panel: Holds any of our Prints.  Total of 4 pockets.

Casters available for $30 extra. Custom stain color available for $75 extra. (Reference MinWax for colors)

If you are interested in display packages below the minimums listed, please contact retailer support.